OGDEN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION, INC.

Ogden Brothers Construction, Inc. is absolutely committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, partners and clients. OBC demonstrates this commitment through our Safety Programs. We believe all accidents are preventable and our goal is
zero accidents. Our continuous focus on safety through training, safety procedure compliance and constant safety related awareness has allowed OBC to maintain an outstanding safety record.

OBC has several components to our safety program.  Our safety manager has overall responsibility for safety compliance and has authority over each job site to make safety related adjustments to maintain our goal of zero accidents.  OBC partners with our insurance provider for safety related support and materials.  Our insurance company has designed much of our safety related policies and participates in our safety training. OBC Safety Plan components include:

  • Safety orientation training for all new employees as well as required safety equipment/supplies.
  • Weekly safety meetings at each job site administered by OBC leaders.
  • Professional OSHA safety training and materials for all managers, supervisors and, crew leads.  Each supervisor has completed a minimum of 10 hour OSHA course.
  • Job site safety inspections by our safety manager.
  • Safety committee with both leaders and carpenters/masons.
  • Quarterly company wide safety meeting with safety bonus, awards, discussions and, employee suggestions/feedback.
  • Monetary rewards for groups and individuals when safety goals are met.


Safety makes sense for our employees, their families and the success of our business.

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